• Hangcha elektrische vorkheftruck J4W 5.0 - 8.5 ton
  • Hangcha elektrische vorkheftruck J4W 5.0 - 8.5 ton

HANGCHA electric forklift J4W 5.0 - 8.5 ton

The J4W5.0 - 8.5 ton series from HANGCHA combines safety, comfort and reliability.

International advanced full-AC controller can control the traveling, lifting, braking and turning operation. It offers stable and accurate control, the performance of the speed control is superior, regenerative braking, anti-tilt and other functions, making the operation more efficient, safer and more comfortable.

The trucks are equipped with a large LCD dashboard with operating hours, self-diagnosis function and mode selection.

Regenerative brake (when parking and reversing, the drive motor charges the battery -> energy saving).

Energy-saving LED lamp.

The range includes equipment from 5000 kg till 8500 kg (96 V).


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